The Altar Call to the Saved

Come to Jesus for salvation, new life, forgiveness. Check! After this most important decision, we have Christ. We have Him. We have access to His righteousness, His power, authority, grace, and favor. His ear is bent to hear us. His eyes are ever on us. He is our Defender. He declares us restored and healed. … Continue reading The Altar Call to the Saved

On Trusting People

Newsflash: we live in a world that favors disorder. Constant change is exhausting, but that's the setting of this life. We are constantly making plans, and having those plans change. It's a decision to commit, but then to be flexible. Two people make an agreement, and then that agreement changes. Depending on which end of … Continue reading On Trusting People

My First Sermon in America

Having preached in 9 other countries, you'd think America wouldn't be so intimidating. Ha. I prepared for my sermon for hours and hours, way earlier on in the week. I recorded about 2 hours of me just rambling through thoughts, going off into prayer language tangents, coming back to English, points, scriptures, words to look … Continue reading My First Sermon in America