As you all know, the #ATLdevo began back in September of 2014, and ran until about August 2015. Every single day, I made it a discipline to write what I was learning with Jesus, and posted it ONLINE, and not only that, but delivered every morning to the inboxes of 80+ people. NO PRESSURE! The … Continue reading DAILY DEVOS RETURN…


The Altar Call to the Saved

Come to Jesus for salvation, new life, forgiveness. Check! After this most important decision, we have Christ. We have Him. We have access to His righteousness, His power, authority, grace, and favor. His ear is bent to hear us. His eyes are ever on us. He is our Defender. He declares us restored and healed. … Continue reading The Altar Call to the Saved

On the Bright Side of Brokenhearted

Throwback writing from the past... enjoy the words, you just might relate. Sharing it now from a full heart, with a note of encouragement at the bottom. Chin up, darlings. ----------------------------------------------------- Unrequited love is the most unreasonable of loves. It embraces danger with no guarantee. It’s a reckless pioneer, wagering the precious matters of the … Continue reading On the Bright Side of Brokenhearted

The Weight of Our Choices

Sometimes I wish the Lord was a grand puppeteer, a real tyrant up there, dictating my every move with one of those huge robot all-in-one remote controls that I can never figure out. You know? The kind with the colorful buttons with arrows everywhere and SAT words abbreviated in different languages, possibly also a calculator? … Continue reading The Weight of Our Choices