May May May

May is tomorrow. Oh dear Lord.


Best seasonal meme out there, kids.

April FLEW by. Sometimes it crawled, sometimes it was excruciating, but good Lord, we made it. It’s gonna be MAY!!!

I learned so much this month, yall. I only write because I know you actually read this stuff, and you CARE and you find yourselves nodding along to what God is showing me. Thank you for that.

I already shared about capacity, and that cycle I found myself in. I shared about God breaking me out of my expectations and making me thankful all over again.

There was a 24-hour Burn at Adventures, where we worshiped for 24 hours straight. I was there from about 9 pm til noon the next morning. I have pages and pages of things the Lord was showing me. He had me prophesy over my children, and that was intense. He had me prophesy over ten nations, some of which I have yet to go to… but now I know that I will haha. He showed me that He’s gonna move me and we are leaving some clutter behind, because it’s not needed where I’m going. Hello, light packing. He’s also confirmed a lot about my heart, through various methods. “Sway with me, rest in me” and that’s what I’m doing. It is good good good.

This month, Phylla House did a Psalms Challenge. We read through all 150 Psalms, 5 a day x 30 days. Today, being the last day, I’d like to share a psalm I wrote on a receipt at a coffee shop. Sometimes I like to tie in what an item means to me in the physical realm with the spiritual realm. In this case, it was a receipt. Here’s what He taught me in that…


My Receipt Psalm ❤

20140430_121009O Sovereign Father,
You took Your time when
You made my hands.
Small and fragile, tender
things that sin against
You, that hold on with
an iron grip to the lesser,
to the toy steering wheel.
I offer them to You.
Take my hands and open
them toward You. Strengthen

them. Discipline them.
Then, Father, in Your
timing, trust them with
holy blessings. To have
and to hold, to nurture,
to keep safe. I declare
my receipt of Your Holy
Inheritance, the fullness of
the Spirit filling me, Your
abundant life replacing my
death. I dwell in Your house.
I breathe in Your presence, Your
joy. Grace pours down onto my
head, my robe–white. Fulfill your
purposes, Lord. I agree. I receive.

20140430_125055I had a heartsync with the amazing Bri Rene, and let go of even more that was holding me back. I was holding on to judgments, false perceptions, and I believed a part of myself to be incredibly weak, when in actuality, that part of myself is a giant. God sees towering strength where I see weakness. Interesting, huh? I was proven dead wrong. The pessimist that used to indwell my emotions got a big fat slap in the face, and an eviction notice. I was afraid that I wasn’t loved, for whatever reason. I realized that I had more doubt than trust, more fear than courage, more damage than wholeness… or at least that’s what I was agreeing to. False… I am so loved. I am so loved. I am whole, trusting, loving, and bold. I confessed and repented of fear that clouded and hindered good things. I felt a lightness and a freedom of not being burdened with negativity or with the past. The cynic who expected failure and abandonment had to leave. It vacated out, making room for more bold love.

God did some spring cleaning in me.

For my goals update:
Reading: I finished none of the 3 books I am reading. I actually started reading two more. And I bought a new Study Bible, so I may never finish another book again haha. Oh well!

Running: I ran my mileage 🙂 Last night I timed my mile, and sure enough, got it under 8 minutes again, like a sprightly spring chicken. Now I just have to pick a race in May and go for it… trick will be finding one on a weekend I’m off work.

Cooking: I did cook more. I guess that was the goal haha.

Prophecy: My Teo Jasmin puppy journal is uber full of new revelations, so I am very well-pleased with how that went. Also, on that note, I had a word for a complete stranger and it was spot on. She is now my friend.

Encouragement: I changed my mind and started texting words of encouragement. I’ve done over 30, so I think that’s a check!

May Goals::

1) Setting up an editorial calendar for the Phylla House website… that means I get an actual posting schedule going and stick with it.

2) Spend more time in hammocks.

3) No more soda for a month. Oh my gosh that’s hard. I’ll be chugging Pepsi today, which completely negates the point.


When I prayed for Pepsi in Tanzania, God always answered.

4) Share what I’m hearing/learning on a daily basis.

5) Giving away MORE clothing… I just took 3 bags, but I’m being challenged to give more. If I haven’t worn it in a year, it’s going to the thrift store. I survived with a backpack for a year, so in that… simplify!

What did you learn in April? Do you have 5 goals for May? What is your opinion of hipster kitten?


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Mid-April Update

The thing about goals… they lurk around til you meet them. They’re like the overly-attached girlfriend, just staring and staring and waiting.


Remember that I set good personal goals for April? I hope you set your own too, seriously. In my honest opinion, short-term goals (month-long) are the best kind, because you can get A LOT done and you can’t procrastinate forever since it’s a somewhat short time-frame. I wanna hear your update in a comment if you are taking on some April goals. Holla back.

Here were mine, according to a March blog::

For April, I’d like to run 30 miles, read 3 books (or at least finish 3 haha), and write 30 cards.  With cooking and prophecy, I’m not going to set a number, but only say that I am going to share my progress.

RUN 30 MILES:: I’ve clocked in 17 miles on the 15th, putting me over halfway at the halfway point of the month. I also lifted a lot of weights, so I better be sore tomorrow. Woot!


enjoying the lake and sunshine after a run at the park 

READ 3 BOOKS:: With books, well… I’m reading 3 books. I’m working on Deep Unto Deep, Pursuit of God, and Insurgent… and I’m very much in the middle of all three, and do not want to stop any to finish another. We’ll see how it goes.

WRITE 30 CARDS:: On card writing, I think I’ve written a lot of encouragement but not many on actual cards… good news is that I got new cards and stationery for my birthday, and I’ll be filling those out. I’d say the count is 5/30. Room for improvement here.

COOKING:: yes. I have cooked much more at home. Chicken, veggies galore, spaghetti, quesadillas, seafood fondue, and fun different salads. It’s been a blast to make chocolate-covered frozen bananas, my new sweet addiction.

PROPHECY:: YES! God has turned it up a notch in my dreams as well. I’ve been listening more, and it’s been a fruitful pursuit of the Lord in that way, especially during the tough times this month.

That’s my halfway update.

I want to hear how you guys are doing on your April goals… how crazy that time is flying! I don’t hate it. 😉


Hey Hey

Spring Cleaning

You know how when you start to clean, it all looks way worse than it is?

Bingo. That is my situation right now. I’m going through my clothes, and a lot of my stuff, and being realistic about what I need. It’s Spring Cleaning!


I got back from the World Race almost a year and a half ago. I remember traveling the world with a backpack and honestly thinking I had too much stuff (mostly because I had to carry it haha). And now I look around my room and realize that the more room you have, the more stuff you get.

It got me thinking about a few of spiritual parallels….

1) When the Lord is doing GOOD WORK and CLEANSING work, it at first feels worse than it did before. But just like cleaning, once everything is swept, organized, it goes back its place, and it is better than before. We can’t panic about the initial mess, but trust that there’s a method to the madness.

God isn’t a God of confusion {1Cor 14:33} and He is working all things for the good {Romans 8:28}.

2) When you make room for more, more shows up. When God does miracles, He makes people ‘make room’ first.

water wineYou see in 2 Kings 4, when Elisha has the widow go and gather jars. God multiplied her oil as she poured into the jars, and the oil only stopped pouring when she ran out of jars.

Same with the baskets God asked the disciples to gather before He multiplied food. Same with the barrels that Jesus requested to be filled with water at the wedding, before He turned them into wine. God has obedience and preparation steps before He does a miracle. He fills to the measure prepared.

Not only so, but the measure you use is measured to you. {Luke 6:38}

3) When you remove the old stuff, new things have room to be stored. When you change habits, you can form new ones. If you were to make a list of 5 things you’d like to do (for fun or for growth), what would they be?

Here are mine:

-reading more


-running (the weather is niiiice)


-cooking more at home (and also why running more)


-writing more notes/cards


-writing in my prophetic journal (aka listening more)


This meme will never retire in this blog.

Count the cost:

In order to make room for those things, I need to clear out the other options.

All these would still remain goals if I don’t set a time and a goal.
For April, I’d like to run 30 miles, read 3 books (or at least finish 3 haha), and write 30 cards.  With cooking and prophecy, I’m not going to set a number, but only say that I am going to share my progress 🙂


What do you need to clean out?

What do you want that is new for April?

ASK! Decide it now, and make steps toward it.

Spring is here.
It’s time to clean and make room!

{Create in me a clean heart, O God;
and renew a right spirit within me.

Psalm 51:10}